‘Courtney Loves Dallas’ Due December 5th

After a year of waiting, and waiting, and teasing and waiting…local style star Courtney Kerr‘s reality docu-series on Bravo has finally set a premiere date. Pop the champagne, 2014 is coming in fashion with Ms. Kerr.


Here’s the series synopsis, “Breakout star Courtney Kerr of “Most Eligible Dallas” navigates the lively Dallas social scene with her group of sassy, dynamic friends in this docu-series. Juggling her search for the perfect southern gentleman while trying to make a name for herself in the fashion industry with the growing popularity of her fashion blog, Courtney proves that having it all isn’t easy.”


Sass, style and pure red blooded woman comes to the small screen this December and we can’t wait to see how things end for Courtney. Notoriously known across the DFW area for her sense of style, host spot on The Broadcast and a girl about town, the series is sure to uncover the challenges of juggling a busy work schedule, social life and new puppy when things shift into full gear.

Credit: DIFFFADallas

Credit: DIFFFADallas

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